Azara Ballet is a brand new, non-profit professional dance company. The name came from our findings about the origins of Sarasota. We found that there was a map from the 1700's where the city was called Zara Zota. The loose Spanish translation was "a place of dancing"! Upon this finding, we immediately felt drawn to incorporating the name in some way. Taking the "a" at the end of Zota and moving it to the front, we came up with Azara; which will most certainly be a place of dancing.


We look forward to our first official season in the fall of 2023. We will be producing both classical and contemporary works of arts. Volunteering our time to bring the performing arts to communities in need through education and performance is something we are deeply passionate about and will always prioritize.  We believe that true change in the world starts from within which is why we are placing an emphasis on the internal practices of our own organization and the treatment of our staff with equality, inclusivity and altruism being our guiding principles.


Dance is our language.

While we are just in the beginning stages of creating this company, those of us who are already involved all have one thing in common. Through the art of dance we express ourselves, we communicate our feelings and we connect with others. Dance is what we live for.


At Azara Ballet, we know that when implemented in a positive environment, dance has the power to transform all of our lives for the better. Whether you're an active participant, a dancer, a student, or a viewer enjoying the show, we hope that you will be moved by the freedom and joy that dance brings.

If you'd like to support this dream and help us meet our fundraising goals, please consider joining us by becoming one of our founding donors.

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