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Azara Ballet is a captivating force in the realm of dance, passionately crafting contemporary ballet masterpieces that ignite the souls of the Sarasota/Manatee community. As a non-profit professional dance company, we are fervently dedicated to revitalizing ballet culture, infusing it with a profound emphasis on the mental and emotional well-being of the dancers. At Azara, we wholeheartedly embrace the celebration of body positivity and the kaleidoscope of individuality. Within the ballet world we are radiating a resolute commitment to breaking new ground as trailblazers for representation and inclusivity. Moreover, our outreach programs extend a welcoming embrace to neurodivergent communities, fostering artistic expression and enriching lives through the universal and unspoken language of movement.

The name "Azara" emerged from our research into the origins of Sarasota. We stumbled on map from the 1700s and discovered that the city was once known as "Zara Zota," loosely translated as "a place of dancing." Focused on a name that would truly reflect our identity and embrace uniqueness, we rearranged certain letters, giving rise to "Azara." And undoubtedly, we will be a place of dancing.

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