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Upcoming Events & Performances

Don't miss your chance to be part of this unforgettable journey – secure your tickets now and be captivated by the magic of Azara Ballet's groundbreaking performance.

LOVE between LINES
March 1st & 2nd, 2024

Experience the grand finale of Azara Ballet's inaugural season with "Love between Lines," a mesmerizing contemporary ballet show with an overarching theme of cultural freedom and liberation. This unique production features four original short works of art, each a testament to the creative prowess of Azara Ballet's talented dancers and choreographers. 

Love is Love | Choreography, Kate Flowers

As an LGBTQ+ identifying ballerina, Kate was inspired to bring the message of love and equality to the stage through the lens of ballet. Fueled by the lack of queer representation she had growing up in the media and in the dance world, she proudly challenges traditional ballet norms with her piece, Love is Love. 

Kodumaa | Choreography, Martin Roosaare

Choreographer Martin Roosaare unveils a lesser-known narrative of his Estonian heritage in this captivating dance piece. Exploring the poignant tale of Estonia's liberation from the Soviet Union in 1991, commonly referred to as the "singing revolution," Roosaare weaves a mesmerizing story using the expressive language of dance, set to the evocative backdrop of Estonian music and compositions.

In the Studio | Choreography, Martin Roosaare & Kate Flowers

This piece unveils the untold stories of dancers. Beyond the masterpiece of beauty and elegance that an audience witnesses in the final product on stage, there are years of passion, hard work and often pain. This piece delves into the internal world and mental struggles of dancers by inviting you to view the perspective "In the Studio".

Ms. Protagonist | Choreography, Olivia Huseonica

Ms Protagonist boldly examines the diverse roles assigned to women in media and society.  The dancers convey a compelling message – real women are not confined by prescribed roles or the limited imaginations of those who tell their stories. This cinematic and inspiring work celebrates the profound truth that women are far beyond capable of transcending the inadequate narratives that are often ascribed to them.


"Phenomenal, transformative, brilliant, the whole message."

"The way they shared; the dance

tied to the story they shared.

Very touching, I cried."


"The stories and the overcoming of despair to moving, inspirational, and heartwarming. Made me feel that anything is possible."

"Moving, intentional, unique presentation with acceptance of all, as opposed to stereotypical ballet"

"Sincerity, commitment, and engagement with the audience."

*All statements were made by audience members of our 2023 Gala performance, and were recorded by a 3rd party interviewer.

Past Events & Performances

November 17 & 18, 2023

Expressions is a collection of 4 short contemporary ballets, featuring our talented ensemble of 14 professional dancers and showcasing the creative vision of emerging and diverse choreographers. 

Divine Serenity | Choreography, Leiland Charles | Music, Connor Chee 

Navajo pianist and composer Connor Chee is known for combining his classical piano training with his Native American heritage. Leiland brings to life a physical manifestation of the beauty in Connor's songs through choreography that reflects the serenity found in nature. 


Lost & Found | Choreography, Martin Roosaare 

Lost & Found tells the story of the despair that is felt when growing up in a broken family environment. The dances take you through heartache, pain, and loneliness to ultimately discover the magic that can be found through love and chosen family. 


Resilience | Choreography, Kate Flowers & Martin Roosaare 

This piece showcases 5 dances and examples of resilience; Personal resilience, resilience in women, resilience in romance, resilience when faced with isolation, and collective resilience. 


Symphony | Choreography, Joshua Stayton 

Inspired by a "La la land" theme, Joshua created Symphony as a way to express the many different types of relationships we experience in life and how those connections make us feel.