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Upcoming Events & Performances


November 16 & 17, 2024
November 23 & 24, 2024

Welcome to Azara Ballet's highly anticipated debut show of the 2024/2025 Season:

"Voices of Azara."

This groundbreaking performance is a celebration of our company's unique talent and creativity, as our professional dancers step into the spotlight not only as performers but also as choreographers. In a departure from tradition, "Voices of Azara" offers a platform for our dancers to share their voices and visions through movement, showcasing the depth of their artistry and the diversity of their perspectives.

Prepare to be captivated as each dancer infuses their choreography with personal stories, emotions, dreams and experiences, creating a rich tapestry of expression on stage. 

December 20th 7pm
December 21st 2pm & 7pm
December 22nd 2pm

This show was a crowd favorite when we debuted it last season so we are bringing it back for season 2! 

Celebrate the holiday season with Azara Ballet's enchanting production, "Short & Suite." Immerse yourself in a delightful blend of classical and contemporary ballet as we present an hour of pure entertainment and joy for the entire family. This captivating show features a mesmerizing act of Nutcracker Suite excerpts, followed by a spirited performance set to contemporary holiday music. Join us for a magical journey that will leave you with cherished memories and festive cheer.

Choreographed by: Martin Roosaare

March 28th 7pm
March 29th 2pm & 7pm

Azara Ballet proudly presents "Momentum," the exhilarating finale of our 24/25 season performed at the beautiful theater inside Manatee Performing Arts Center. This captivating performance symbolizes the significant strides we've made in our second official year as a nonprofit, and the forward drive we envision for our future growth and success. "Momentum" showcases the innovative works of three rising choreographers: Gabriel Gaffney Smith, Anna Hughlett, and Martin Roosaare. Each has crafted a unique and profound piece, brought to life by the exceptional talent of Azara Ballet's artists and dancers. Join us for an evening of dynamic and inspiring performances.

Additional details coming soon!


"Phenomenal, transformative, brilliant, the whole message."

"The way they shared; the dance

tied to the story they shared.

Very touching, I cried."


"The stories and the overcoming of despair to moving, inspirational, and heartwarming. Made me feel that anything is possible."

"Moving, intentional, unique presentation with acceptance of all, as opposed to stereotypical ballet"

"Sincerity, commitment, and engagement with the audience."

Past Events & Performances

GALA 2.png

2024 GALA

Sunday April 21, 2024

November 17 & 18, 2023

Expressions is a collection of 4 short contemporary ballets, featuring our talented ensemble of 14 professional dancers and showcasing the creative vision of emerging and diverse choreographers. 

Divine Serenity | Choreography, Leiland Charles | Music, Connor Chee 

Navajo pianist and composer Connor Chee is known for combining his classical piano training with his Native American heritage. Leiland brings to life a physical manifestation of the beauty in Connor's songs through choreography that reflects the serenity found in nature. 


Lost & Found | Choreography, Martin Roosaare 

Lost & Found tells the story of the despair that is felt when growing up in a broken family environment. The dances take you through heartache, pain, and loneliness to ultimately discover the magic that can be found through love and chosen family. 


Resilience | Choreography, Kate Flowers & Martin Roosaare 

This piece showcases 5 dances and examples of resilience; Personal resilience, resilience in women, resilience in romance, resilience when faced with isolation, and collective resilience. 


Symphony | Choreography, Joshua Stayton 

Inspired by a "La la land" theme, Joshua created Symphony as a way to express the many different types of relationships we experience in life and how those connections make us feel.

December 20-23, 2023