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Founders & Directors

Kate Flowers and Martin Roosaare are the founders and directors of Azara Ballet. They bravely started this organization with the ultimate goal being to uplift people through dance.

Kate Flowers

After spending her adolescent years deeply in love with and dedicated to ballet, Kate was tragically unable to pursue her dream career as a professional dancer. The unhealthy aspects that sometimes exist within ballet culture led her to suffer from eating disorders that turned into drug abuse by age 16. After over a decade without dance, she focused on recovery and used her newfound passion for wellness to build an incredibly successful health based business that gained an online following of over 400,000. The creation of this company fulfills her lifelong desire to dance professionally, to change the ballet narrative for the better, and to inspire others to never give up on their dreams.

Martin Roosaare


Martin has danced nearly every day of his life for the last 20+ years with over a decade of accomplishment in his professional career. After being diagnosed with autism at age 28, he was able to reflect back on the many struggles he had faced as a young, undiagnosed child. He now attributes much of his success and happiness to the structure and discipline of ballet and it's ability to be a non-verbal form of expression. Creating Azara Ballet is a way for him to continue dancing professionally while also being able to use his story to help other neurodivergent individuals thrive through the art of dance.

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