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Our Mission

To elevate the world through the grace, beauty and joy of dance.

How we are doing it:

  • Creating emotionally vibrant professional dance performances featuring cutting edge choreography, diverse contemporary works of art, and classical ballet repertoire.

  • Transforming outdated, unhealthy paradigms of ballet culture by providing a non-judgmental, body positive atmosphere with leadership that cares deeply for the mental and physical well- being of our dancers.

  • Touring local school facilities to provide lecture demonstrations that educate students about the importance and history of dance.

  • Providing neurodivergent and autistic communities with the ability to experience the art of dance.

  • Enriching thousands of lives beyond our physical reach through sharing works of our performing art in video format online via our social media platforms.

  • Collaborating with other artists and non-profit arts organizations to provide additional diversity and cultural experience for both local and global audiences.

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