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Our Donors

We are honored to share the names of our incredibly generous donors below. Without them our dream to spread an uplifting and positive message to the world through dance and performance would not be possible. We are immensely grateful to all of our donors, and to everyone who believes in and supports our mission. Thank you.

❂ Legacy Producers

Barancik Foundation, Floyd C. Johnson and Flo Johnson Singer Foundation

❖ Legacy Sponsors

Stephanie Skwiers-Koballa, Sherry T. Boesel, Ronald Flowers Realtor,  Singer Arts and Education Fund, Community Foundation of Sarasota County,

✧ Sustainers

Sharon & Russell Stephens, Kate Flowers LLC, Anonymous Donor

✢ Benefactors

 Sunset Realty, Sue Roach, Mimi Carlin, Krystel Clear Inc, Jennifer Ross, Anonymous Foundation, Donna Koffman, Liz & Chuck White, Gary Rose, Anonymous Family Foundation, Bruce A. Lehman Fund, Gulf Coast Community Foundation, Ashley Weinstein & Elijah Flowers, India Miller, Jane Woods, Katie McCurry, LaDondra Cercone, Johnathon Miller, Solomon Torelli, Gilbert Waters Charitable Fund IV


Janet Burtnett, Sarah Montgomery, Jacqueline Cantwell, Carol Ann + Bill Novelli, Suzi Jennings, Caroline Macomber, Declan & Laura Sheehy, Greg, Jennifer & Chloe, Troy & Treva Bedinghaus, Kristi Siconolfi, Chris N Small, Scott McDevitt, Kay Flowers, James and Terri Strauser, Gregory Vanbuskirk, William & Donna Smith, Rani Jeffries, Annette and Ed Eliasberg, Amie Austin, Maria Beck, Michelle Mitchell, Ellen Foster, Zach & Erica Berardia, Vincent Ricaud, Maria Masucci, Nancy O'Neil, Jose & Allyson Joia, Lisa & Mike Brakefield, Lauren Grace, Hallie Peilet, Pam Yanis, Jules Mackie, ABA Therapy Associates Inc, Michael Bernstein & Sarah Skebba, Rie Frymire, Caroline and Kirsten Russell Charitable Fund, LKS Fund, John A Stewart, Esther M Frymire, Carolyn M. Campbell, BP, Akala Lemus, Anne Marie Sopko, Csizmadia Family, Beth Green, Betsy Nelson, Brooke R, Robyn & Dan Minor, Deborah Monroe, Van Withey, Julia Woods, Didi Alogna, Marrie Neumer, Marcia Jean Taub, David Smyth, Christine Degroff, Dave Croxford, Dawn R Lewis, Dawn Stark, Chip Gaylor, Martha Ballard, Chelle Magin, Donna Twardowski, Douglas Berger, Dr. Kimberly Proctor, Elizabeth Koerner, Gracie Held, Helen Shackleford, Jeffery Kin, Jack and Priscilla Schlegel, Jessica Rubin, Jo Anne Paynter, Joseph M Carey, Julie Forestier, Justyn Hunter-Ceruti, Martha Wells, Kathleen Gibson-Dee, Katie Groff, Kelly Tyler, Kristin Holm, Linh Dang, Marilyn Kane, Marlene M Hauck, Maureen Gebhardt, Melissa Cameron, Nicole Elithrope, Paul Resse, Raydel Walston, Reid McCullough, Rhys Miller, Rob Held, Robert Turrentine, Robert Nelson, Robert P Jardin, Rob Gibson, Sarah Williams, Shane Ohmer, Sherri Klain, Shirley Dabringhaus, Sidney Turner, Sondra Tornga, Sury Bernal, Susan Jacobs,Thomas Stanley, Thomas Waters, Vincent Ricaud, Vivane Silverman, Wendy W Hall, William Murgolo, William Huseonica, Kylie Marsh, Chaz Glunk, Michael Cochrane, Jason Champion, Donna Hanley, Kim Zelley, Steve Frasher, Erica Serine, Claudia, Nanette Crist, Nicole Murby, Ben Lancaster, Michael Ayers, Nate Figuaruoa, Christine Ceruti, KK Burchell, Kameron Hodgens, Carol Flowers, Lis Begin, Brittany Jennings, Crystal Whitley, Jaqueline Middleton, Mary VanSant, Nehme Patel, Jaszy


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